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The mind needs training if you want to keep it always busy, for this you have different games with which to do this task. Known as memory games, each of them will do an important job, allowing you to improve an important aspect such as attention, as well as remembering things. Undoubtedly these types of games are very useful for those who want more agility in their mind, think fast and remember things for a longer time.

Recommended by experts, each game has a particularity, which is none other than to complete each of the things that will be asked to complete it. The vast majority are free, although it is true that you have others with a low price, usually not more than 2 to 4 euros and are pure entertainment.

In this list we show you the best memory games from Google, in some of them you will not need to install anything on the device, while in others you will need to install anything on the device, while in others you will need to install them as they are apps from the store. Google usually has doodles, all of them available at a single address, it usually stores them despite the passing years.

Santa Tracker, memory game

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Based on the Christmas season, Santa Tracker is a memory game in which you have to join two of the same drawings, entertaining for having a time for each level. The difficulty is relatively low, although with the passage of the levels will be more windows to open and have to remember the position of each of them.

It will start with the basics, which are two windows to unveil, then four and so on to the maximum possible, being entertaining to have against a clock of a maximum of 30 seconds. This game is one of the most complete doodles of the Mountain View firm, which has many others available in its database.

There are usually easy combinations, sometimes we have to remember each of the Christmas things, which can be a snowman, a colorful beach ball, a cup, among many other things. Once you try it, it will be addictive, as it requires visual acuity and remembering where each thing is.

Inca memory game

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This addon for Google Chrome will allow us to play a daring and important memory game from the Inca period, in which we will also have to join the same drawings, two in particular. As in the previous one, time will be our worst enemy, but the best thing is to be able to play as many times as we want in our browser.

Playtouch’s Inca memory game has been developed by the team behind the company, and there are a total of 120 levels available. The cards are a total of 40, you must collect stars throughout the games. Turn over cards and memorize where the one you saw when you picked up the previous two cards.

Mental agility is again important here, it will keep you always awake, so it is necessary that you always pay maximum attention. Inca memory game is fun and is usually one of the least known of Google. It requires you to have Google Chrome installed and install in about two steps.

Memory game

memory games from google

This is another of Google’s games, and it is not easy to start with because you have to remember the musical note of four marine animals. You must keep the sound and movements of them, making it sound the same as it did once the game started, which is almost always short.

The patience here must be a degree, that is why you must try to take the step to play, then if you get it you will see how the level increases. The sounds are really fun, if you have not played it previously it will seem complicated, sometimes it usually is seeing that we get to fail.

If you fail the animal will emit a different vibration, try not to let that happen, although it is true that it does it so fast that for human sight is complicated. This Google memory game is one of those that will take you to the maximum, having to tune and a lot when clicking on each of the animals.


memory games

Google decided to include tic-tac-toe among its memory games, in which we can play with the CPU, having the ability to complete each space with one of our chips. Choose the best hole, then wait for the computer to do and beat the computer in just a few seconds of gameplay.

Despite not being a game of memory to the use, here it is not worth to make a mistake if you do not want to lose to your opponent, who usually gets to have a good level. You can restart the games as many times as you want, thus having a fun game without having to install anything on your cell phone, tablet or computer.

Despite being simple, this board game has been played by young and old over time, having a great impact. It is entertaining, it is also valid for any age, having to play the first games to learn and above all to win a CPU that usually does not forgive any of the games.

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