How to monetize my YouTube channel fast (get 4000 watchtime)

get youtube monetizable channel

Having a YouTube channel is an excellent way to earn money online. But this Google platform requires certain requirements to be able to monetize your content and put ads on the videos.

Here I will teach you a trick to meet the requirements that YouTube prides you to monetize. These are the current requirements that YouTube demands:

  • Have 1,000 subscribers on YouTube.
  • Have 4,000 hours of viewing.

Trick to monetize YouTube channel

There is a tool that will help us boost our YouTube channel and thus reach the demanding requirements in a short time. For this, as is evident, we will need a YouTube channel and also videos within the platform. To speed up this process, it is recommended to use 1-hour videos.

Then we go to the LikesEmpire website, a website that sells numerous services for social networks at very affordable prices. We register on this website and go to the ‘Add funds’ table where different payment methods are offered to add balance to the website.

boost YouTube channel

I recommend using $50 depending on how your channel is, if you already have subscribers and certain hours of playback, then you won’t need to spend that much. I recommend that amount for people who start with a channel of 0

How to get 1,000 subscribers on YouTube quickly?

If we already have a balance in Likes Empire, what we will do next is go to ‘New Order’ and look for the option «YouTube – Subscribers» and from there we will look for the cheapest option. There is a service that offers you 1,000 subscribers for $8 (no drops).

get 1000 youtube subscribers

The sending is somewhat slow, according to what they say they send about 100-200 subscribers a day, this is to make it undetectable and avoid large drops in subscribers.

How to get 4000 hours of watchtime on YouTube?

Many people confuse these 4,000 hours of reproduction with visits. And no, it’s not about getting 4000 views on YouTube. It is about achieving a total retention of 4000 hours on YouTube videos.

This means that the longer users are watching the video, the more retention that video will have and it will give you more hours of retention.

To achieve this objective we will use the «YouTube – Watchtime» service and among them we look for the one that offers the most retention. I found one that will give us a 30 minute hold.

how get 4000 watchtime youtube

For it to have a greater effect, try to USE A LONG VIDEO OF +1 HOUR, so the retention will be greater, if you use short videos it will take longer to reach the objective. In this service, if we buy 2000 visits, they will give us a retention of about 30 minutes, this would give us about 1,000 hours of playback. There are options that give us more retention, but this one gave me good results.

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