Here’s what the hidden Microsoft Edge game looks like and how you can play it

how play hidden game Microsoft Edge

Microsoft Edge has become one of the most popular browsers around the world, including on Android devices. Due to its frequent updates and solid performance, Chromium-based browsers have become one of the most popular choices. Due to its worldwide market share, Microsoft Edge’s market share has continued to grow even on Android devices.

Microsoft Edge includes a hidden game that can be accessed on all of its editions, including Android devices. Those who use Microsoft Edge may find the game entertaining. We describe how to play it below. You won’t need to install any additional games to play this game on your phone.

How to access the hidden game in Microsoft Edge

To access the hidden game in Microsoft Edge, you can do so on any version of the browser, whether it’s on your computer, tablet or Android phone. You’ll need to install the browser on your Android phone if you want to play, of course. If you don’t already have it, you’ll need to download it for free from the Google Play Store:

In order to play this game on our Android phone, we must first download the browser. Once we have done so, accessing the game will be simple. All we have to do is open the browser on our phone and then locate the address bar at the top of the screen. We then enter edge://surf in the address bar and click «Go». This will take us directly to the game.

We can play this game directly on our Android device by following these simple steps. It is open to play as many times as we want, so it is a good way to kill time when we are on our Android phone and can’t download other games. It is a much easier way to play when we are on the go.

How is this game hidden

download Microsoft Edge game

This hidden game in Microsoft Edge is looking to become a classic favorite of users across all platforms, and it really has the ability to do so. It is Microsoft’s browser alternative to Google Chrome’s dinosaur game, which has become a cultural icon. As such, this game is sure to pique the interest of many, although there are clear differences between the two.

In this browser game based on the sea, we become a surfer and try to move through the water while avoiding all kinds of obstacles. We must avoid all obstacles (such as rocks, sharks and other surfers) on our journey as we surf. The difficulty increases as we progress as we encounter more and more obstacles. Our speed also increases as we advance, so avoiding these obstacles will depend on our skill and reflexes.

The hidden gameplay in Microsoft Edge combines different ways to make the game more interesting. There are a number of fixed obstacles scattered throughout the maze, such as islands and ships. On the other hand, we also have to avoid the octopuses that will chase us if we jump on them. This makes the game more exciting and also more difficult. It is much more unpredictable, but also much more difficult to play.

How the games work in the game

Microsoft Edge free game

Before starting the Microsoft Edge hidden game, we must respect the rules of the game and be aware of the elements provided to us. We will start with three lives and three stamina (or energy) levels so that we can plan accordingly. In addition to the three game modes, the game offers us a different difficulty level. These game modes are available:

  • Normal mode: in this mode we have to go surfing and dodging obstacles that will get in our way. The farther you get without these obstacles touching you, the more points you will store.
  • Time Trial Mode: this other mode starts with a timer with a set time. The idea is that you must collect the maximum amount of coins from the water in your path before the given time runs out.
  • Slalom mode (zig zag mode): finally, this is the most complex mode of this game. You must go touching all the doors in an agile and fast way, so you will have to have patience, speed, and good reflexes.

There are several game modes in this game that make it attractive to a large number of players. We can always go for one of the other modes if the normal game mode does not seem challenging enough. Also, the game will be more enjoyable for all Android users as it works differently in these modes. It is able to satisfy a wide variety of tastes and types of users with little difficulty.

In-game controls

Users are probably wondering if the controls in this game are simple to use in Microsoft Edge. We can assure you that the controls are somewhat easy to use. Moreover, the controls are simple in all versions of the game. That is to say, we won’t encounter any problems when playing from our Android devices as well as from our computers. The game offers simple to touch controls, so this should not be a problem for any player.

Microsoft Edge hidden game

We can move a surfer to the right or left by touching the screen in that direction. We touch the screen in the direction we want the character to move to avoid obstacles. As you can see, the controls are simple to use. If you have an Android device with a large screen, you will enjoy the game more, but no user of any operating system should have any difficulty.

Microsoft Edge has been hiding this game for a while, but it has been able to prove that it has all the necessary ingredients to become another well-known title, such as the dinosaur game found on Google Chrome. You can play it on any device and enjoy it for its variety of game modes. Playing it is simple, entertaining and accessible because of its diversity of game modes. It is free to play on your Android device. Get ready to have fun.

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