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Download Paytm Money Adder Online Generator FREE

download paytm money generator

Paytm is an Indian multinational technology company specializing in digital payment systems, e-commerce and financial services, headquartered in Noida.

Known to many as the Indian PayPal, it already has millions of customers who use it every day for online shopping, including bill payments.

If you are an Indian citizen you probably already know Paytm and are looking for ways to earn free money on Paytm. Many developers have come together to look for vulnerabilities of this website and although it is very difficult we have managed to generate money on Paytm for free.

Hot to use Paytm Money Adder?

download paytm money adder free

The program was developed by an Indian team in 2019 and although it has had numerous updates (because Paytm constantly detects our software and patches it) the truth is that it works great. But Paytm since 2020 is starting to monitor user accounts more and they have already banned several for fraudulent actions. That’s why you should use this program at your own risk and be aware that your account can be banned. Here are the sinstructions to use it:

1.- Download Paytm Money Adder by clicking on the button below.
2.- Start Paytm Money Adder as an administrator.
3.- Enter your Paytm user name/email address
4.- Select the money you want to add to your account (rupees)
5.- The platform you use (this is not important)
6.- Select the security to hide your identity (important)
7.- Click on the ‘Generate’ button and wait a few minutes, sometimes it may fail, try again.



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