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Download WhatsApp Spy Android v1.6.1

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WhatsApp, with more than one billion active users worldwide and dominating smartphone communications in countries such as Spain, has revolutionized instant messaging and chat. It did so shortly after appearing, replacing SMS sending with a system for chatting based on the Internet connection through data rates and wifi networks that smartphones allow.

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And of course, it turns out that we now have a messaging communication system similar to the traditional online chat with all that this entails. Not only has it put an end to the traffic of SMS messages between individuals or to many phone calls (yes, you will have discovered that no one calls you anymore, now only messages), but it has also fostered the anxiety to control others: fathers, mothers, brothers, sisters, friends, colleagues at work, party treasurers, ministers of Justice and, of course, partners. All very cool and very well.

Well I do not know what hobby many people have to get into the lives of others, as if one did not have enough problems with those of himself, but for them was developed WhatsApp Spy, an application to spy WhatsApp on Android. If you don’t have an Android phone you can use this app using Bluestacks on your PC.

How to spy on who your boyfriend/girlfriend talks to on WhatsApp?

This is the question that has led you here, so let’s try to answer it. To start you have to install the application that should work with your favorite messaging app. And then you can start monitoring the activity of your contacts… You need to be in contact with the person you want to spy on, then you will be able to access all their WhatsApp conversations and spy on their contacts.

To find out who he talks to, most likely you will get the phone number of that other person, but if you have that person’s number saved with a name (someone known to you) then it will tell you who it is.

There is a small bug that is being tried to solve and is that it is NOT possible to access multimedia files (photos, videos, audios …), it is expected that in future versions it will be possible to access all the content.



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